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Polzeath Together 

For a safe and enjoyable beach

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Polzeath Together is a community campaign with the aim of promoting the 'respectful enjoyment' of Polzeath Beach.  Made up of a body of local stakeholders including Neighbourhood Police, Fire and Rescue, Parish and Cornwall Councils and local business owners, we want to ensure that the beach remains a safe and enjoyable recreational resource for all visitors and users.  

This means that any disregard for the beach and surrounding area needs to be a thing of the past; so no littering, no vandalism, no beach fires or out of control barbecues and respect for all residents, whether year-rounders or welcomed visitors, in terms of late night noise and disruption.


Ways you can help

Leaving Polzeath as Nature Intended it


Used the designated bins for your litter

All beach users can help by either taking all of their rubbish home with them - remember to pack a bin bag to do this - or by using the public bins provided, which an army of refuse collectors come and clear three times every single day during the summer, so that the beach is clean and tidy for the next day.


Cool it, Clear it, Bin it

BBQ's are permitted, but must adhere to these safety instructions:-

  • Never leave unattended

  • Let the BBQ cool completely, preferably using water or sand before moving it

  • Dispose of it responsibly in the bins provided or take it home with you

  • Never bury a BBQ in the sand

Or just remember to Cool it, Clear it, Bin it!


No fires on the beach

Open fires are not allowed on the beach, they simply present too much of a danger to beach users; screws in timber and embers can cause injury to both people and animals. Fires can also cause ‘plastic pebbles’ - a combination of melted plastics, shingle and seaweed – that can enter the food chain with devastating consequences for wildlife.


There are a number of ways that you can support our campaign for a safer and more enjoyable beach:-


Whilst most of the work is carried out by volunteers, we do need funds to produce our educational and awareness materials


We need help to spread the word and to run some of our campaigns

 Displaying our posters and distributing our flyers

 If you run a local business or club and feel that you could help get the word out we would love it if you could take some of our posters and flyers

If you can help us, please contact us via our contact page.


Thanks from the Polzeath Together Team



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